Reading the Expiration Date report

Use this report to see a summary-by-month of the total number of licenses by expiration date. Red on this graph indicates elapsed licensure, yellow indicates LCRs expiring within 60 days, and green indicates LCR's expiring in 60+ days. 

This report first delivers graphic results of expiring licenses, certifications, and registrations (LCRs) by month three months into the past, the current month, and two months into the future. "None given" indicates that the LCRs have no expiration date given. 

Below the graph, you can find a snapshot of each month within the year and the number of LCRs with expiration dates in that given month. Select "View" to see a list of corresponding LCRs. 

This report is dynamic and updated as regularly as verification occurs with the primary source.

Filtering the data
You may filter the graph by state using the state dropdown. The list may be toggled by year using the year dropdown. 

Exporting the report
To export the report, select the "Export" button in the top right corner of the report. The download will begin automatically. Please note that any filters you've applied on the page will be applied to the export. 

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