About change notifications

Change Notifications
EverCheck is your organization's resource for ongoing, automated license, certification, and registration (LCR) verification.

Because we verify with the primary source every day, we're capturing important changes as they happen. We then relay these changes back to system users you have designated to receive them so that the change may be research and any necessary action taken.

The following are examples of the types of change notifications that system users may receive regarding licensed employees/caregivers.

Please note that these types of notifications are standardized for all clients and are not customizable in any way.

LCR Status Change Email
Notifies users when an employee's LCR status changes.

Elapsed LCR Email
Notifies users when an employee's LCR elapses.

Elapsed Date-Tracked LCR
For those LCRs that EverCheck tracks using the expiration date, this email notifies users if the LCR has not been updated in EverCheck.
LCR Renewed Email
Notifies users when an employee has renewed their LCR. This email generates ONLY for LCRs that have previously expired and have since renewed; users do not receive an email notification for every LCR renewal.

Disciplinary Action Captured Email
Notifies users when EverCheck identifies a new disciplinary action from the licensing authority.