Assigning users to receive notifications

*Restricted to account administrators

First, check to be sure that the individual to whom the notifications should be sent is a system user in EverCheck.

Once you have confirmed the individual is a system user, check to see which Notification Groups they're assigned to. From the profile symbol in the top right-hand corner of your account, select "Users" then search for the user by name.

Next, check to see if the user is currently assigned to any notification groups. If there isn't one, select the appropriate notification group from the dropdown selector.

If you're curious about what types of notifications this group receives, select "Settings" from the Profile symbol and visit the Notifications tab. Here, you can see which notification groups and individual users are set to receive the various types of EverCheck notifications.

Only users with Administrative privileges in EverCheck have the ability to access Users and Notifications. Notification groups have been designated by your organization's account administrator. 

For more information or for additional questions about notifications and users, contact us at (888) 404-7996.