Why didn't an EverCheck user receive an email notification they should have?

*Restricted to account administrators

To troubleshoot why a user didn't receive a notification email they should have, a user with administrative privileges should check the Users list to verify the following:

a) Is the individual an active user in EverCheck?

b) Does the individual have a valid email address on file?

c) Is the user assigned to the correct notification group(s)?

d) Is the user designated to the appropriate workgroup code?
If all of the above checks out okay, visit the notifications tab within Settings to verify the individual user or their notification group is selected to receive the notification type in question. For instance, verify that the notification group is set to receive license status change notifications.
If everything looks okay and you're still unsure why the user didn't receive the notification they should have, contact EverCheck Support at (888) 404-7996.