Adding a new provider profile

To manually add a provider to EverCheck: 

  1. After signing into your account, access the Credentialing application from your Launchpad. 
  2. Select the Providers tab from the Credentialing Overview.
  3. Select the green + sign.
  4. Follow the prompts to provide the information necessary to add this provider. This includes their contact information and profession details. Enter the information as completely as possible, noting where fields are required. 
  5. Select how you prefer to input/collect the provider’s credentials. You may choose to key in this information within the EverCheck account, or choose to send a credentials request to the provider via EverCheck Wallet. 
  • If you choose to key in this information, their status will automatically set to “Under review” because there is nothing for the provider to do at this time. Select any credential icon on the provider profile to begin adding information. Be sure to save your work as you go using the “Save” icon at the button of each screen.
  • If you choose to send the provider an invitation to upload and share their credentials using EverCheck Wallet, the system automatically sends an email invitation immediately. The provider’s status in your account will show as “Waiting for credentials.” 

Please note: You can assign a provider to a system user during the initial profile creation or at any time later. 

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