How EverCheck Credentialing and EverCheck Wallet Sync

EverCheck Credentialing is a software application used by Medical Staff teams to process initial and reappointment applications for providers. 

EverCheck Wallet is a web and mobile application providers use to manage their credentials and self-submit their information electronically to workplaces that require them for their future or continued employment. 

EverCheck Credentialing and EverCheck Wallet have a direct interface, whereby providers can submit a credentialing application and Medical Staff teams may update credentials on behalf of a provider and request new updates as necessary. 

Loading a provider’s credentialing information prior to inviting them to register 
Some organizations opt to complete a provider’s profile within EverCheck Credentialing prior to inviting the provider to register their EverCheck Wallet account with the organization. In this instance, any credentials uploaded as part of the provider’s profile in EverCheck Credentialing will appear automatically in the provider’s EverCheck Wallet account when they register. 

Requesting credentials from a provider
Some organizations request that providers submit their credentials via EverCheck Wallet. In this instance, the provider receives an email notification that the organization has requested their credentials as part of their initial or reappointment application. EverCheck Wallet walks the provider through submitting their credentials. During this time, Medical Staff teams cannot make updates to credentials on behalf of the provider in EverCheck Credentialing. Only once a provider submits their completed application do their credentials appear within their provider profile in EverCheck Credentialing. 

Edits made outside an application period 
Both providers and Medical Staff teams can make edits to a provider’s credentials at any time while the provider is not in an application period. Where one party makes an edit, the other party sees in their application. For instance, if the Medical Staff team makes an edit to Medical Licenses in the EverCheck Credentialing application, the provider will see these updates automatically applied to their medical licenses in EverCheck Wallet.

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