Customizing privileges

Customizing privileges is limited to EverCheck Credentialing users with Administrator privileges in the account. 
To edit privileges within the account: 
  1. After signing into your account, access the Credentialing application from your Launchpad. 
  2. Select  the Settings tab. 
  3. Under the Privileges section, select “Manage privileges.” 
To edit existing privileges: 
  1. To edit existing privileges, select the specialty from the Specialty dropdown. 
  2. Select the specialty’s privilege you want to edit by selecting the expand menu. Then, select the pencil icon. 
  3. Make edits to the privilege, then select “Save.” 
To add a new privilege: 
  1. Select “Add privilege” on the Privileges screen. 
  2. Enter all information for the privilege. 
  3. Select “Add privilege.” 

Providers will not see updates/edits to privileges until their next round of applications. 

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