Updating ‘To Be Obtained’ items in EverCheck Wallet

When caregivers are given the option to obtain a license or certification after their start date, a ‘To Be Obtained’ placeholder is reflected in both the caregiver’s EverCheck Wallet account and the employee profile within EverCheck HR. The ‘To Be Obtained’ placeholder is valid until the designated amount of time has passed. For instance, ‘License to be obtained within 365 days of hire date.’

If a caregiver would like to update the ‘To Be Obtained’ placeholder in EverCheck Wallet, they can do so by expanding the three-dot menu and selecting ‘Update.’

In this example, the caregiver has two ‘To Be Obtained’ placeholders in their EverCheck Wallet account. After selecting the ‘Update’ option, EverCheck Wallet will walk the caregiver through the process of submitting their license or certification. 

After the caregiver has submitted their license information, the updates are reflected in the EverCheck Wallet profile: 

Within the employee profile in EverCheck HR, the Licenses tab shows both the former ‘To Be Obtained’ card and the new items submitted by the caregiver. 

This allows EverCheck HR users to see that the ‘To Be Obtained’ option was submitted by the caregiver at the time of hire. 

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