Tracking peer evaluation status

The application providers submit to you via EverCheck Wallet requires them to provide a minimum of three peer references. These peer references are stored within the provider’s profile, where designated users can access the references’ contact information, send evaluations, track the status of those evaluations, and review responses. 

To view the status of a provider’s peer reference evaluations, follow these steps:

  1. Access the desired provider’s profile in EverCheck. 

  2. Click the “Peer references” icon.

  3. Hover over the “status” section to see the current status and what’s next.

    EverCheck assigns one of three statuses to peer reference evaluations: 

    • “Pending” means the peer evaluation request has not been sent to the peer. Please use this article for instructions on how to send peer reference evaluations. 
    • “Sent” indicates that the peer evaluation has been sent and is waiting on the peer to complete it. 
    • “Completed” signifies that the peer evaluation has been completed by the peer reference and sent back to the EverCheck user for review. 

    Peer evaluation responses are saved as a PDF so they cannot be modified. Additionally, they can only be viewed by designated users and are kept confidential from the provider. 

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