Adding date-tracked credentials to provider profiles

To manually add a date-tracked credential to a provider’s profile within EverCheck, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Providers” tab on your Credentialing dashboard and select the provider from the list. 

  2. Select the “Board certifications” icon from the menu.

    Please note: If you’d like to add a new license rather than a certification, select “Medical licenses” to add your new credential.
  3. Next, click the “+Add certification” button. Here, you can find a list of board certifications.
  4. After selecting the certifying board and credential name from the drop-down menus, enter the certification number, recertification date, and the expiration date. Attach any documentation if applicable.

    Click “Add certificate” when you have finished populating all of the information.

The certification has been successfully added to the provider’s profile.

The date-tracked credential that you uploaded in the previous steps will be visible to the provider in EverCheck Wallet. 

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