Sending peer reference evaluations

As a part of initial and/or reappointment applications, providers must include a minimum of three peer references. These peer references are stored within the provider’s profile, where designated users can access the references’ contact information, send evaluations, track the status of those evaluations, and review responses. 

To send peer reference evaluations, follow these steps:

Please note: EverCheck does not automatically send peer reference evaluations at this time. Peer reference evaluations must be sent by a designated EverCheck user. 

  1. Access the desired provider profile in EverCheck.
  2. Click the “Peer references” icon within the provider’s profile. 

  3. Select the peer to whom you wish to send a request for evaluation. 

  4. Click the three-dot menu at the top right corner.

    You’ll notice that the status of this peer reference evaluation is “Pending,” meaning the evaluation has not yet been sent.

  5. Click “Send the evaluation.”

Once you send the peer evaluation request, you’ll see the status change from “Pending” to “Sent.”

EverCheck will deliver a link to the evaluation to peer references via email, where they can answer all questions and submit responses directly to your team. When the peer has completed the evaluation, the status will change from “Sent” to “Completed.” 

EverCheck stores the completed evaluations within this same section of the provider profile, available for review by designated users at any time. Additionally, these evaluations will remain confidential from the provider. 

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