Assigning reappointment dates

EverCheck stores reappointment information for each provider within the “General information” section of their provider profile

EverCheck users can assign a reappointment date within the provider’s profile. It’s important to update this information within EverCheck, because it tells the system when a provider’s status should reflect “Needs reappointment.”

To assign a provider’s reappointment date in EverCheck, follow these steps:

  1. Access the provider profile and click the expand arrow in the “General information” section. 

  2. Click the pencil icon. 

  3. Enter the future reappointment date, then click the “save” button.

The provider’s profile now reflects their reappointment date. Designated users may adjust this date at any time.

120 days prior to the reappointment date, the provider’s status will be updated to “Needs reappointment” and system users can see a “Send reappointment application” button on the provider profile. For more information on how to send reappointment applications, please reference this article.

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