Reviewing exclusions matches

In the Exclusions application, you’ll find a workable list of potential and confirmed matches where designated users can review, research, and resolve exclusions matches. Follow these steps to review matches:

  1. Click the Exclusions application on your EverCheck dashboard. 

  2. Click the “Review” button next to the provider that you’d like to review.

    This list is filterable by active vs inactive employees/vendors. To filter this list, click the “Filter” dropdown on the top right of your screen.

  3. Here, you can see a list of all potential and confirmed matches discovered during EverCheck’s verification process and a link to the verification website.

    To view additional information, including the excluding agency, exclusion type, and address, click the arrow.

  4. Select “Match” to confirm that the individual is on the exclusions list, or select “Clear” to remove them from this list within EverCheck. 
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